A few weeks ago, many passionate decentralized web and Web3 developers and companies converged in Lisbon. The DAG House team was there representing web3.storage at a number of events, including IPFS Camp, FIL Lisbon, and Web Summit.

Here’s a recap of some of the talks and panels that our team members were a part of and their recordings!

web3.storage overview

At FIL Lisbon, David gave a talk giving a full overview of the web3.storage platform and its vision.

During IPFS Camp, JChris covered similar themes in a more tactical dive into the decentralized protocols web3.storage uses, from IPFS to UCAN, and web3.storage tools to take full advantage of them.

Alan and JChris gave a live demo and workshop on one of these tools, the w3up beta.

Alan also talked about Elastic IPFS, a cloud native implementation of IPFS the DAG House team built for scale, and how it has allowed our service to make over 5 billion blocks available via their unique IPFS content addresses (so far!).

Looking to the future

David was joined on stage by Adam Grodzki from 3S Gaming Studio and Changwé Mutakasha from NEAR Protocol to discuss the value of decentralized protocols and infrastructure in gaming, and what tangible value they provide game developers and users today.

Finally, JChris gave a lighting talk at FIL Lisbon about the “Serverless Bazaar” that web3.storage is paving the way to enable - the idea of a marketplace of portable serverless workloads that can be run regardless of where data sits and without changing the way your code is written. (Starts at 55:44 if video doesn't already start there)

Engage with us!

Seems exciting? We really think so. Come chat with us about anything you listened to or read above at #web3-storage on IPFS Discord or reach out @web3storage on Twitter!